wolkvox, omnicanal integral solutions
We offer comprehensive solutions to improve sales operations, customer services and collection services, with omnichannel services, voip phone, speech analytics, Big Data, and AI. wolkvox delivers the highest quality, availability and stability standards, providing value to our clients. We optimize their business processes, increasing effectiveness and reducing operational costs.
bost e inteligencia artificial


We have automation solutions, integrated to bots and AI that facilitate quick management of more interactions per minute and queries from different databases, in order to offer more information to clients. We can connect AI components to chat, voice and data channels, for telemarketing processes, data collection and customer support.

servicio al cliente


We understand that customers are the most important aspect of your business. wolkvox is dedicated to your customers’ positive experience by using automatic voice recognition for omnichannel routings, inbound interactions, voice analysis suitable for quality assurance, unified desktop for agents, intelligent dial, satisfaction surveys with emotion analysis, and proactive monitoring of audio and screen.



Increase your sales with the features of wolkvox. Handle a larger amount of clients with bots and automation systems performing up to 7,000 omnichannel interactions every hour, through virtual agents, decreasing down time of agents with the use of predictive dialing, and verifying, in real time, the sales agreements with built-in voice analysis on digital contracts.



Turn the debtors’ portfolios into profits productively, without affecting the customer experience or incurring operational cost overruns, relying on omnichannel predictive dialing algorithms and setting parameters on call attempts and ring times. Big data technologies are utilized to establish call times and debtor contact numbers, compile databases and filters, which is configurable in a simple way.

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