wolkvox allows intelligent configuration of routing models

With the simple graphical environment of wolkvox, you can to set up different routing engines.

  • IVRs
  • Virtual agents
  • Agent scripts
  • Interactions (Email, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Chatbots (web chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Line)
  • Just drag and drop the components you need, which combine with features like

  • AI
  • Automatic voice recognition
  • Intention recognition
  • Queue statistics
  • Connection to multiple channels
  • Database queries
  • Rest Api connection
  • PHP development
  • All this from a single user interface that enables you to reuse codes, components and information for every service channel, connecting multiple skills or suitable agent queues.


    The wolkvox platform allows you to set up different routing engines using the Diagram Studio tab so you’re connected with clients by all possible means.


    diagram routing DIAGRAM ROUTING
    routing voice


    This graphical environment allows you to design an IVR using basic features like ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) functions, TTS (Text to speech), AI, queue statistics, database variables, among others.

    routing chatbot


    Create your own chatbot and even upgrade it to an agent through our graphical environment, just by dragging and dropping visual components of AI. It is possible to develop a single chat and use it for different chat platforms like WhatsApp, web chat, Facebook, Telegram, and Line. Share a single environment that enables changes with only one click for all chats consuming Routing chat.

    routing interaction


    Design your own routing engine for interactions like email, Facebook and Twitter with initial responses through bots. If the initial responses do not address the issue, the routing engine moves the interaction to an agent who can continue with the customer service.

    diagram script AGENT SCRIPT

    This is a simple environment that allows you to design the flow and sequence through basic features, like dragging and dropping of visual components. It incorporates the necessary features and required characteristics to develop scripts. The agent is supported during the call and can anticipate different possibilities of action before each answer is given by the customer.

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