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wolkvox CRM allows you to manage and automate the relationship with customers from the cloud on the same platform in a personalized, secure, intuitive, flexible and fast way to implement under a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that adapts to the size of each company.

From the online experience, it unifies information related to your clients in real time through the native integration between wolkvox CRM and wolkvox, which allows managing detailed information on each client during and after the interaction.

wolkvox CRM is flexible and adapts to the needs of each company, therefore it allows the independent parameterization of the company modules, contacts and cases to privilege the relevant information over the other data, from the information panel evaluate the general panorama and company-specific and generate detailed reports.

Security is also one of the attributes of wolkvox CRM, as it is managed by assigning access permissions to information with the creation of users, profiles and groups to determine actions and permissions for each member of the organization.


wolkvox CRM captures, processes and manages relevant information from different channels such as calls, chat, social networks, among others, to generate a 360 ° view of the client, from its company module, contacts, cases, reports and information panels allows customization independent of the fields to adapt this tool to the particular needs of each business.

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