wolkvox provides the best services for customers


In the Business Process Outsourcing sector, it’s essential to utilize the latest and most advanced technological tools to be more effective in cost processes. Meeting your customers’ needs to increase end-user satisfaction is critical. wolkvox has the features that help you optimize your workforce, using predictive dialers, process automation, IVRs, virtual agents, chatbots, and intelligent dialing.



When patients need immediate attention, healthcare providers do not typically have enough personnel or resources to handle every interaction. It becomes necessary to rely on calling technologies to help deal with these patients’ requests without incurring additional costs. With wolkvox, it is possible to connect with more patients in less time and filter through simple medical issues using chatbot software and virtual agents, allowing personnel to address more complicated and immediate emergencies.



Banking processes require more attention due to the usage and management of financial data. Companies must rely on safe and efficient calling technologies to offer better services. Wolkvox uses big data solutions, analyzing client data in less time, and provides important information for collection and sales processes. The entire infrastructure is certified by ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 PCI DSS, offering more safety and security to users.



The marketing model of the retail sector requires enormous attention to many customers. wolkvox generates massive phone campaigns through virtual channels and SMS, reaching more clients in less time and provides more safety to the sales processes in quality audits using analysis and voice recognition technology. The infrastructure is certified by PCI DSS to help perform transactions safely.



Governments must provide ongoing attention to all its citizens, utilizing multiple contact channels to assure inclusiveness. Technological solutions are critical to successfully fulfill its service requirements. wolkvox provides this attention to users using several channels; phone calls, videocalls, chats, emails, and social media while minimizing costs and facilitating citizen support 24/7 through multiple, bot-configured routing models.

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